Payment Information


Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago

  • Registration Fee TT $500.00. Testing fee of $200.00

Building Fee - Cheques Payable to St Andrew’s Foundation

Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago TT $5,000.00

Non-Permanent Residents TT $7,000.00

The building Fee is payable and is a NON-REFUNDABLE, one time, per child contribution. This payment is to be made at the office upon acceptance.

Schools Fees - cheques payable to Junior Schools Ltd.

Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago TT $8,000.00 per term, P.T.A dues of TT $150.00 per family

Non-Permanent Residents

School Fees per annum, per child TT $34,500.00. P.T.A dues TT $ 450.00 per family.

All fees/building fund listed above are subject to periodic adjustment

Payment of School Fees

Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago -­ Invoices are emailed once a term.

Non-­Permanent Residents – Invoices are sent once a year and full payment is due no later than September 30th.

Fees are to be paid, either by online transfer, cash or cheque at any branch of RBL Bank Limited.

The school’s office will accept a cheque (Junior Schools Ltd), once child’s name is clearly printed on the back of the cheque.

Cash payments MUST be made to the bank, please print your child/children’s name(s) clearly on the deposit slip.

Online transfers MUST clearly state the child’s name in the DESCRIPTION BOX.

Please note that school fees will be deemed un-paid until the slip is emailed or presented to the Office.
Where the slip is misplaced or mislaid prior to submission to the Office, it will be the responsibility of the respective parent to provide evidence from the Bank that payment was made. Any costs incurred in this regard will be for the account of the parent.

Failure to pay fees will result in the child being withdrawn from the school.


Failure to pay fees will result in the child being withdrawn from the school.

REGISTRATION less than five years old

Registration to enter St. Andrew’s School for infants, it is recommended that registration should be done AT BIRTH or as close to after birth as possible. We do not take Pre-registration or application forms before birth. The requirements to register are the Application form and Fee of $500.00. All new entrants are listed in years according to date of birth. The child is eligible to be wait listed for five years from the date of birth e.g. born 2015 will be wait listed for 2020.

REGISTRATION more than five years old

To register or transfer to an existing class we require the Application Form of $500.00. If there is adequate room in the required class a date will be set by the office for testing at a cost of $200.00. If there is insufficient room the form will be kept and looked at a later date when room arises.

Less than five years

Upon acceptance of an offered space to the school you are required to pay a building fund, the office will specify the date it is due by. There are no entrance exams for infants. An Assessment Form will be given to the parent to take to the child’s Montessori school. The school will complete the form and return before a specified date to the office. Once our school is satisfied that the child has all the requirements listed on the form he/she will be accepted. A package will be given upon payment of the building fund with forms that need to be completed by the parent and returned to the office.

More than five years

Once there is a space in the age appropriate class the office will call to set a date for the entrance exam. After the exam the results will be discussed with the parents. If all goes well and the space is offered/accepted a date will be set to pay the building fund. A package will be given upon payment with forms that must be completed and returned to the office.