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The Virtues Project

What is the Virtues Project?

The Virtues Project is a global program about living by the virtues, remembering that we are people of kindness, courage and justice. It is also a way to raise children who are spiritually and morally healthy. The Virtues Project was honoured as a model global program for all cultures by the United Nations Secretariat during the International Year of the Family.


The language of Virtues is universal in that everyone has and can practice the Virtues. It uses 5 simple strategies by which we can all check the integrity of our daily lives, decisions about ourselves, work, relationships, how to communicate, even our purpose in life.


The Virtues Project is not about the practices or beliefs of any particular religion. It is based on the simple wisdom of the worlds diverse cultures and religions about living by the best within us – truthfulness, courage, honour, justice, courtesy, honesty, kindness, excellence and all of our innate virtues. It is an initiative to help us to remember who we really are, to live the way we really want to live and to create a culture of character and caring.


For more information on this program you can click on the link below.
The Virtues Project website