Meet the Staff

Paula Moses


INTEREST: Reading, Oldies Music, Travelling, Movies, Tennis, and spending time with my Grandchildren.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Do The Right Thing Even When No One Is Looking.
Take Nothing For Granted…Thank God For Everything

Nicole John

Vice Principal

INTEREST: Reading, Movies, Tennis, football, cricket.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”
– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Susan Gittens


INTEREST: Traveling/ Reading

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. (Dr. Martin Luther King)

Gail Gittens

Receptionist / Admin Assistant


PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Everything happens for a reason. (Marilyn Monroe)

Prep 1

Christina Camacho

Prep 1 Teacher

INTEREST: Travelling, movies, exercising, family and friends

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: ``GOD, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change things I can and the wisdom to know the difference!!!!!`` (Reinhold Niebuhr)
``What doesn't kill you makes you stronger`` (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Angie Yuille

Prep 1 Teacher

INTEREST: Local Culture and Festival

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: If we can all live by the words of our National Anthem and the watchwords from our Motto. Our Country will be back to a better place.

Nicole Pereira-Francois

Prep 1 Teacher

INTEREST: gardening, Travel, Hiking

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: ``Hard work pays off`` ``Never put off what can be done today``

Michele Williams

Prep 1 Assistant

INTEREST: Liming with friends and traveling

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: That I can do anything with Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

Anya Camacho

Prep 1 Assistant

INTEREST: Travelling, Jogging, Wakeboarding, Painting.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Every child has the ability to learn. Just not on the same day, or in the same way. (George Evans)

Debra Josa

Prep 1 Assistant

INTEREST: running, tennis

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Take one day at a time.

Prep 2

Natasha Forrest/Amow

Prep 2 Teacher

INTEREST: Travel/baking

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Live life for the moment. (Louis Tomlinson)

Robyn Edghill

Prep 2 Teacher

INTEREST: Going to the beach, spending time with friends and family. I also love carnival.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: “Motivation comes from working on things you care about.” (Sheryl Sandberg)
Believe in yourself, work hard and be kind.

Rachel De Nobriga

Prep 2 Teacher

INTEREST: Gardening, Learning about different cultures.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: “Anything worthwhile, takes time and effort.” Arneill and Frasca-Beaulieu (2003; 163)

Daniela Granado

Prep 2 Teacher

INTERESTS : Travel, sports and books

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY : Everything happens for a reason. (Marilyn Monroe)

Elise Olton

Prep 2 Assistant

INTEREST: Movies/hockey

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Nothing comes easy, work hard and never give up !

Amanda Clerk

Prep 2 Assistant

INTEREST: Travel, parties

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Finishing your education and never stop building on your knowledge.

Primary 1

Anna Thomson

Primary 1 Teacher

INTEREST: Traveling

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Take one day at a time and smile.

Leisha Franco

Primary 1 Assistant

Amanda Lousaing

Primary 1 Assistant

INTEREST: Cooking / Travelling

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Once you try your best you will always achieve your dreams.

Alix Farinha

Primary 1 Teacher

INTEREST: Travel, fine dining

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Be true to yourself

Primary 2

Kristy Farinha


INTEREST: Travel/movies

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Always set goals and work hard to achieve them!

Salma Redhead

Primary 2 Teacher

INTEREST: Reading, Music, Teaching


Laura Edwards

Primary 2 Assistant

INTEREST: Spending time at the beach and looking at movies

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: “Always be a little kinder than necessary.” (J. M. Barrie)

Tami Jardine

Primary 2 Assistant

INTEREST: Writing, Reading, Podcasts, Social Media

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Life can be beautiful, if only we have the courage to unfold.

Primary 3

Sherise Mary Nieves

Primary 3 Teacher

INTEREST: Food/Education/Faith building

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: “Our soul waits for the Lord, who is our help and our shield. May your kindness, O Lord, be upon us, who have put our hope in You.” (Psalm 33: 20-22)

Donna Woo

Primary 3 Teacher

INTEREST: Travel Europe , Movies – Grease , Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, James Bond

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: My mission is not nearly to survive, but to thrive and to do so with passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. (Maya Angelou)

Natalie K. Valdez

Primary 3 Assistant

INTEREST: Reading/Listening to Music

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Always give 100% and do it properly- or don’t bother to start.

Johanna Augustus

Primary 3 Assistant

Sofiyah Ghany

Primary 3 Assistant

Primary 4

Joanna de Gannes

Primary 4 Creative Writing and Social Studies Teacher

INTEREST : Reading, Art, Yoga, Walking

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Wherever you go, no matter what the weather always bring your own sunshine. (Anthony J. D'Angelo)

Gina Young

Primary 4 Mathematics

INTEREST: being fit / love a challenge with exercise

BELIEF: always be prepared and organized

Natalie Dougall

Primary 4 Language Teacher

INTEREST. Listening to music, reading,

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Everything in life happens for a reason, enjoy the small things in Life, do not take things for granted and live, laugh, love

Primary 5

Heather Carrington

Primary 5 Language Teacher

INTEREST: Reading, writing poems, travelling.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Always give of your best ; your best will always be good enough.

Donna Hernandez-Hadeed

Primary 5 Creative Writing Teacher

INTERESTS:- Reading (Non –Fiction Books), Listening to Classical Music, Nature Walks

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: -All things work for good. Romans 8:28

Aileen Corbie

Primary 5 Mathematics

INTERESTS:- Spending time with my family

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: -Hard Work Always pays off. (Dustin Lynch)

Amanda Patel

Teacher Primary 4

INTEREST: Reading / Family

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: No matter the obstacle, once you give your best, you have not failed.


Roxanne Sadler

Remedial Language Arts and Mathematics

INTEREST: Reading, watching movies and trying out new recipes.

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Choose to be happy.

Suzanne Gregory

Remedial teacher, Recycling Coordinator

INTERESTS: Saving our environment, Experiencing new places, Reading, Movies, continuous learning

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: Always do my best and never give up.

Debrah Jack-Ryan

Remedial teacher




Lisa Llanos

Practical Math Teacher

INTEREST: Enjoys travelling and being with friends and family.

• Always give of your best.
• If something is worth doing it is worth doing well.
• Don’t expect praise when you help someone, help because you want to, not for praise.

Gabrielle Hutton

Art Teacher

INTERESTS : travel, rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need, makeup and beauty industry

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: “Thoughts become things, if you can see it in your mind you will hold it in your hand.” (Bob Proctor)

Wendy Ayoung Chee

Computer Teacher

Interests: books, coffee, fries

Personal Philosophy: Speak softly and carry a beagle (C. Schulz)

Rebecca Ottier-Garcia

Science Teacher

INTERESTS: Scrapbooking and movies

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” (Dr. Seuss)

Karen Modeste


INTERESTS: Arts , Crafts, music and the Bible

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: With GOD all things are possible. (MARK 10:27)

Tamika Johnson

Music Teacher

INTERESTS: Theatre Arts

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: World Peace begins with inner peace! Inner Peace begins with GOD!

Tahirah Thomas

School Nurse

INTERESTS: Family Time

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY: To fulfill the purpose that God has for me.