As you enter the music room you may experience several harmonic strains. These may range from MOZART to MUNGAL, the rhythms of TRINIDAD to INDIA to IRELAND or even the montunos of CUBA and the polyrhythms of AFRICA that will have you jumping out of your seat. At St. Andrew’s School music is all encompassing and experiential and at the same time weaves in the threads of basic music theory. Students are encouraged to explore their creative possibilities through kinesthetic actions and the use of instruments.

Most esteemed at this institution is the steel pan. Over the past few years, the school’s ensemble has been prominent at most school functions such as the Prize Giving and Christmas Concerts.

The students of St. Andrew’s School stand poised in musical readiness to face the challenges of the Secondary School Music Curriculum, well grounded in a pedagogical scheme that balances experience with sound theoretical concepts. Our future is filled with numerous possibilities for musical excellence!