Fund Raisers

The PTA holds one or two main fundraisers per year to help raise money for projects in the school that need our attention. Last year, The Virtues Project was introduced to all PTA Members. The Virtues Project is a global grassroots initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life. The mission of The Virtues Project is to inspire people of all cultures to remember who we really are and to live by our highest values.

Our fundraising efforts also allowed some much-needed renovations to our school library. New flooring, shelving, cushioned benches and padded floor areas not to mention a grand supply of new books, all came to fruition because of the hard work and dedication of our committed PTA parents and staff. Additional information regarding our plans for fundraiser will be announced at our AGM later this month.

There are so many ways that can parents contribute and we encourage and invite you to join in our efforts to advocate for our children.