Registration Fee: TT $300.00

Testing Fee: TT$200.00



Building Fee- Cheques Payable to St Andrew’s Foundation

Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago TT $5,000.00

Non-Permanent Residents TT $7,000.00


The building Fee is payable and is a non- refundable, one time, per child contribution. This payment is to be made at the office upon acceptance.


School Fees –Cheques payable to Junior school Ltd.

Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago

School Fees per term, per child: TT $6,650.00

P.T.A dues, per term, per family: TT $ 150.00


Non-Permanent Residents

School Fees per annum, per child: TT $31,000.00(invoiced in US dollars)

P.T.A dues per annum, per family: TT $ 450.00


All fees listed above are subject to periodic adjustment


Payment of School Fees

Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago – Invoices are sent once a term and are due the second week of each term.

Non-Permanent Residents – Invoices are sent once a year and full payment is due no later than September 30th.

Fees are to be paid, either by cash or cheque, at any branch of RBTT Bank Limited.

The school’s office will accept a cheque, once the child’s name is clearly printed on the back of the cheque.

If you are paying by cash, please print your child/children’s names(s) clearly on the deposit slip.

Please note that school fees will be deemed un-paid until the slip is presented to the Office.

Where the slip is misplaced or mislaid prior to submission to the Office, it will be the responsibility of the respective parent to provide evidence from the Bank that a payment was made. Any costs incurred in this regard will be accountable by the parent.

Failure to pay fees will result in the child being withdrawn from the school.