In commemorating our 60th Anniversary, it is only fitting to mention our school’s library, which has indeed evolved over the years into what it is today. With the advancements in technology and heightened awareness of information literacy, September 2005 marked the introduction of automated library software called Alexandria. This software has several features among which, it effectively manages the library’s collection and it also allows multiple clients to simultaneously access the database. The transition from old to new involved many long hours bar-coding over 5000 books. The conversion has proven to be very rewarding thus saving time and human labour that could be re-diverted towards other tasks.

St. Andrew’s School is one of the few primary schools with a well equipped library whose collection covers a wide genre of literature. Historical fiction, modern fantasy, such as Harry Potter, folktales, poetry, biographies and much more. Series editor of Collier’s Junior Classics, Margaret E Martignoni wrote, We are children only once and then again for a few brief years. These are the most impressionable years of a lifetime. Whatever a child absorbs shapes their future and thus has a great impact on their lives. This in turn will determine who they will become. Be it the chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter or simply a good joke book, it is our responsibility as educators to provide and expose children to a variety of literature that will impact upon their lives forever.