On September 20th, 1946 St. Andrews School opened its doors with the intentions to provide an all-round quality education to, at the time, 65 students. Throughout the years the school has expanded to facilitate over 360 students and its teaching staff has been provided with technology and information to prepare its students for the twenty-first century. Today, St. Andrews School proudly celebrates 70 years of continued success in educating all who step through its halls.

In honour of this event St. Andrews School celebrated its 70th anniversary with a spectacular evening gala held at the Movie Towne ballroom. The event was well attended by parents, teachers and past pupils as well as honorary guests from the Ministry of Education. Long Service Awards were given to many teachers for their commitment and dedicated service to the school. These teachers were also acknowledged at the school during assembly the following week and were congratulated by the children.

ist BuildingFirst Buliding (1946) 1st classFirst Class (1946)



St. Andrew’s School Halloween Dollar Day Extravaganza! (2016)

On Thursday 27th October the PTA Committee organised a fun filled, spooky Halloween Dollar Day that was enjoyed by the students and teachers of out school. They decorated vehicles, wore monster costumes and made the school’s court yard a friendly frightful venue.

Happy Halloween and be safe.