Computer Lab

St. Andrew’s School Computer Room is equipped with fourteen flat screen Apple iMac computers and eleven mac mini’s, which are used everyday by different classes in the school. The children enter this comfortable, air-conditioned room and each child has access to a personal computer. These classes are teacher-directed and the children are introduced mainly to the functions of Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point where they publish various pieces of work that they have done in class. The children also use the Internet to search for information relating to class projects and thoroughly enjoy playing the many educational games available on line.

The Prep classes engage readily in on-line puzzles, games and early-reading and math activities. They also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the mouse and the keyboard through simple typing exercises. Primary One spend their year improving their typing skills and understanding the computer. Primary 2 and 3 learn about the functions of Microsoft Word by publishing stories, letters and other projects using different fonts, they are also introduced to Microsoft Excel. Primary 4 and 5 also use Microsoft Word to publish creative writing pieces as well as Excel to create tables and charts. Additionally they are exposed to Microsoft Power Point where they work in groups to create a presentation on a topic given in class. They also use the internet often to carry out research on various social studies topics throughout the year.