Welcome to St. Andrew’s Private School


The purpose that guides our school is quite uncomplicated. It is simply that we wish our boys and girls to leave with their spirits and confidence high, aware of what they have accomplished, and proud of themselves. That self confidence will be founded on each child being valued for what he or she achieves and the security that goes with succeeding.

This may be in the courageous and determined overcoming of difficulties, but mostly it will come from being able to demonstrate the capabilities and talents which each person possesses, no matter in whatever areas the talents lie. Thus, we delight in the breadth of our programme of subjects and the myriad nature of the extra curricular agenda. We hope that all of our pupils will sense that this school ascribes importance to every form of genuine and worthy achievement.

On the other hand uppermost in many of your minds is, the National Examination for selection to secondary school. We base our prediction of these results entirely on each child’s ability. We pride ourselves in that the results generally fulfill our expectations.

Our dedicated staff enjoys the variety of its pupils. We attempt to ensure that our pupils feel at ease and that the grounding formed here will be memorable throughout their lives. We are gratified by the number of past students who spontaneously confirm our aspirations.